Publicado en Filosofía, pensamientos y reflexiones el 14 de Diciembre, 2007, 23:26 por Quien_vosotros_sabeis

Every burning eye is fixed on me
Every broken heart is just like mine
Every light is dark inside my room
Every pillow is for me so hart

Everything that smiles to me is just dark and false
Everything I'm living on turns not to have a cause

Everthing I dreamed on starts to fall
Every song I've sang begans to crowll
Every mumping of my heart's a waste
Every drop of blood makes me insane

I want to get ride of my chains,
I want to run, I want to escape,
I want a chance, I want to face
The world I've created, the world I have changed
The world I am leaving to stay!

It is not always that way...


Smile in return...truely...