5 de Diciembre, 2007

Ryuuga Ryûtaro

Publicado en Cosas que pasan el 5 de Diciembre, 2007, 15:28 por Quien_vosotros_sabeis

   How many words have I taken away just to make my world a little more clear? Now that the tears have broken it twice, I apologyse, it's no deal, I am going away. How many colours have I wasted this time to try to understand what I am? What I am here for? If he cannot say it to me... Who can?

   Colours have changed for me. I see it all black and white. Black and grey. Should I pretend that everything is all right and stay?Again?

   I see the birds flying... I'm jealous. I want to fly like I used to do. But the cage I've got as a heart... It's mooving, it is not safe, now.

Beauty is no more in me. Everything else is not important.

The person you've become... You are just to real for me...I can't love, I can't feel anything, I shouldn't, to someone who's, in fact, dead...And's not real...Isn't it?I'm frigtthned becaouse I shoudln't feel anything towards a mere creation, not afection, anything at all... What does it mean, the things I feel?

Are you real...Ryû?