¿Y si nunca nos enamorásemos?

Publicado en Filosofía, pensamientos y reflexiones el 22 de Julio, 2007, 17:41 por Quien_vosotros_sabeis

        Words made of ice cut like your silence, I feel in my hearth like spiders burning to go far away, black tears grow strong in my lonely insides, I see the hurt just here, by my side, by the form of a love song again.

         Here I am holding my hearth with my left hand and with the right one I say goodbye to all.

         I think that playing with the fire is no more dangerous now that liers are under my own command. I think the wolfs are no more dangerous now that I know the power of the bite of love.

          I am here waiting for the right moment to scream loud and that my scream becomes just louder so that everyone can here me.

          Does anyone knows how not to love someone who is just inside you? Can you explain that black is not black and the pains are remains of a kiss and that my heart began to miss the blood?

           I'm bird of ice which cannot fly. If I smile it's becouse I cannot cry. I'll rest in peace just for the eternity but it is not much comparing all the time you lied to me.