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Espero que les guste esta canción. La empecé a componer hace dos semanas y la terminé ho que no tengo nada que hacer...ustedes dirán, me he currado la letra y la música :)

She was sitting in the beach
and was wondering about the life
She was really a human being
and she really had the need to cry
wondering she wasn't free and that she will never be that much
he was hiting her with his closed hand
screaming words she could not understand
she had run for safe, she had runaway in time

Surching back for what he lost
he began to scream again her name
that was the scream she knew most
and began to run enough away
her legs hurt 'cos of the babe
and 'cos all the hits he gave to her
she was screaming in her own silence
looking for some imaginary friend
something usual in her 'cos she has no one to play with

Her tears were now part of herself
They hit her memory like shells

What will happen with my mum
she kept asking everyone who passed her by
I'm afraid i'm not going back
I do only want to scream and cry
But there came a police man
And returned her to her mum and dad
She was feeling sorry for his dad
She knew he would never understand
She loved him a lot and her baby was not loved
That it was a crime but she didn't cry...
'cos of her

Ahora voy a escribir una cancion que quiero que lea Dani xDD la compuse antes de irme para acá y trata sobre una niña de 12 años india a la que casan con un poligamista de 83. No la tengo aquí escrita y no m acuerdo muy bien pero lo escribiré según me acuerdo:

Don't wanna have more fear
Inside my heart
I'm gonna rebel me
and fight for what I want
I want to have my freedom
and have my rights
I wanna chose my life
and how I'll die

So I won't die because of the hits he'll give me
And I won't cry because I will have my rights
So I will have a life to be my own queen in
And nothing in here will keep me down

I'm only twelve years old
My husband is eighty-three
He has got twenty wifes
I'm the youngest one, indeed
He hits me if I'm sleeping
in time of word
And if I show my face out of my home

[So I won't die...]

We hadn't money to pay my school
Mummy and daddy said bye to soon
So I was selled to this old man
But I will fight to have my rights

[So I won't die...]

And I will find a school to be a good pupil
And to learn what I haven't learned for yet
And I will pay the food for all my whole family
I'm sure I will find them one day
I'm sure I am going to scape...